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BamX Manufacturer Motorcycles

BamX BX110-S Tracker2010-
BamX BX125 DB1 Enforcer2010-
BamX BX125 DB1 Enforcer2011-
BamX BX125 DB2 Renegade2010-
BamX BX125 DB2 Renegade2011-
BamX BX125 DB3 Outlaw2010-
BamX BX125 DB3 Outlaw2011-
BamX BX125-DB1 Enforcer2009-
BamX BX125-DB2 Renegade2009-
BamX BX125-DB3 Outlaw2009-
BamX BX150-DB Voyager2009-
BamX BX150-DB Voyager2010-
BamX BX150-DB Voyager2011-
BamX BX150-S Charger2010-
BamX BX200-DB Outback2009-
BamX BX200-DB Outback2010-
BamX BX200-DB Outback2011-
BamX BX200-S Charger2010-
BamX BX200-S1 Assault2010-
BamX BX250-S1 Assault2010-
BamX BX350-S Assault2010-
BamX BX400-S Assault2010-
BamX BX450-S Assault2010-
BamX BX50-DB Pee Wee2009-
BamX BX50-DB Pee Wee2010-
BamX BX50-DB Pee Wee2011-
BamX BX50-S Side Kick2010-
BamX BX70-DB Trailstar2009-
BamX BX70-DB Trailstar2010-
BamX BX70-DB Trailstar2011-
BamX BX70-S Charger2010-

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